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A few tips for eating out
  • Call ahead to check you can be catered for.

  • Be specific about your requirements.

  • Try to choose a time when the restaurant is not too busy, it is easier to control cross-contamination when it is quieter, therefore you are less likely to have problems. 

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions.

  • Ask to speak to the manager or head chef.

  • Identify yourself and your needs on arrival at the restaurant.

  • Ask to see allergen information, allergy and cross-contamination policy documents. These should be available for customers to read.

  • Be polite.

  • Avoid being confrontational.

  • Remember, your custom is important to them, word of mouth is the most efficient advertisement, good or bad, if they have a problem serving you, that is not your fault. 

  • If necessary, leave quietly and follow up with a letter to the management or head office, whichever is relevant to that business. 

  • If you do have an adverse reaction and you suspect you were served your trigger food, gather your evidence, contact the Environmental Health Officer for the area, and Trading Standards.

  • Always carry your medication with you.  

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