There are many aspects to catering which often cause concern, both for the catering industry, the service users and the local authorities. I can help you to reduce these concerns through consultation and provision of the following services.


HABC Level 2 Food Allergen Awareness for Catering



HABC Level 3 Food Allergen Management for Catering

Accredited training for food businesses, colleges, chefs, catering staff, and community groups. These courses will give you the knowledge and skills to prepare your business for serving the food allergic customer safely and confidently. You will also gain understanding of compliance with the law surrounding food allergens in food businesses. 

Auditing and Practical Allergen control.​​


Auditing is an effective way to monitor your practices and allergen control. Call me in to carry out your audit, which will, when passed, enable you to display the Food Allergy Friends logo for one year. Regular audits ensure continued quality and good practice, thus maintaining your good name as a business.

Practical advice and coaching on how to avoid cross-contamination and provide safe food for your customers. Explaining to your staff the importance of good communication between them, the customer and the kitchen.

Audiovisual Conference

Speaking engagements

I am available to speak at your food event, seminar or forum. Raising awareness about living with, and catering for food allergy sufferers, and other dietary requirements

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Recognition and use of logo 


Once your staff are trained and your paperwork and kitchen have passed our audit, you may have your establishment listed on our website. You will also be entitled to use our logo on your menus and in your window for each year that you meet the required standards.

Checking Text on a Document

Allergy and cross-contamination policies, information documents,

and menus

Menus need to be clear and informative for the food allergic or intolerant customer. Allergy policies and information needs to be available in written documentation, for the customer to read if they request it. It is important to give the customer the information about the ingredients used in your dishes so that they can make their own decision about their food choices.