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What will it take?

The more I speak to food businesses, the more I realise that those of us who have food allergies have to make a noise, jump up and down, throw a tantrum, whatever it takes to be heard.

What do we have to do to make food businesses realise that they must provide information for their customers and get their staff trained in food allergens?

I believe that most food business owners don't even know that they have to provide written information if requested, or they just don't care.

I have also discovered that some food businesses are very happy to cater for food allergy sufferers specifically. By that I mean that they prefer to speak directly to the person, or their guardian, then cook meals separately, to order, some will even buy foods in specially if they have 24 hours notice.

I would encourage all food allergy sufferers to speak to restaurants, cafes, pubs etc, in advance, then you are more likely to get a safe meal.

Chefs and food service staff are not mind readers, and although the onus is on them to provide the information about ingredients in their dishes, they much more appreciate having a friendly conversation about our dietary needs.

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