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An afternoon out

We had a lovely afternoon at a local cider festival with music. The main band was the legendary Wurzels.

There was plenty there to eat and drink..... BUT NOT FOR ME, NOT FOR ANYONE WITH A FOOD SENSITIVITY!

I felt a bit of a killjoy because I said I needed to go home, I was driving, so if the others had wanted to stay then they would have had to either walk the 6 miles, or call a taxi.

This is Allergy Awareness Month, I've been busy posting, and talking about it, but it's not enough! I need to do more. So this week I will be contacting various media channels, such as local radio, national radio, TV, newspapers, anyone I can think of.

I'VE HAD ENOUGH! I refuse to be treated like this any longer. I will not allow allergies to be ignored any more.

A young man died because of the lack of information, concern, and training, and his inquest begins tomorrow. It shouldn't happen. It's not rocket science or quantum physics to manage allergens, it requires training and organisation.

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