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Criteria for Membership of Food Allergy Friends


This document outlines the requirement that must be met by any food business in order to be      registered with Food Allergy Friends, and what benefit is gained by the business from being registered.

What your Business needs to do

1) Senior staff, such as the General Manager, Food & Beverage Manager, Head Chef and their deputies must have Level 3 Food Allergen Management training.

2) All junior staff must have either Level 2 Food Allergen Awareness Training, or have attended an in-house Food Allergen Awareness Workshop.

3) The business must have a documented Food Allergen Policy.

4) The business must have an Allergen Information Document, which must be readily available for customers to look through.

5) The business must be able to communicate effectively between customer and kitchen.

6) The business must be able to provide allergy safe food with confidence, and give the customer confidence in their ability.

7) The business must pass a Food Allergy Friends’ annual audit.

Benefits of being a Food Allergy Friend

1) Support from your consultant in producing the required documentation and menus.

2) Access to training and bespoke workshops for your staff.

3) Access to the members area of Food Allergy Friends’ website, which includes recipes.

4) Listing on Food Allergy Friends’ website for the duration of the registration.

5) Use of the Food Allergy Friends’ logo for the duration of the registration.

6) Shout-outs on social media.

7)Effective monitoring of your business’s food allergen policies and procedures

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